Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Furby Birthday Party!

A week before her birthday party, my best friend had requested for a Princess cake. Five days later, I asked my best friend to double confirm her Princess cake request. 

To my horror, she asked for a Furby cake. There, the challenge for me. 

Thankfully, I managed to google a Furby cake tutorial. The video is in Thai language. I didn't have the time to ask my sister-in-law to interpret. The video clearly depicts the step-by-step the making of a Furby cake. 

I bought a chocolate cake. I didn't have the time to bake another cake. I made classic vanilla frosting. Eyes, ears, feet and mouth are cut from fondant. 

The Furby next to the cake is the actual one my brother and I bought for her birthday that night. His name is Sprite and he's adorable!

Seeing my best friend's smiles and happiness is all my family can ask for. 

Happy birthday, my dear Nicole. I wish you the best of the best things in life, just like you have given me the best days and best nights of my life. Wish you a best and joyful birthday. Love you lots, XOXO. 

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