Thursday, June 6, 2013

Handmade Piggy Mooncakes

This is a blog post in September 2012 from the other blog of mine. I am in the midst of transferring the posts to this site. These cute piggies never fail to bring huge smile to my face. 

Last year this time, I was exploring Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Beijing with Pauline. I didn't have the time to make mooncakes for family. Come to think of it, we didn't get to see nor try  mooncakes when we were in the captital of China. We were definitely caught in the heavy human flow in and out of the city as folks were making their home trips for reunion.

I haven't been baking lately. The social outings and ministry training. I had been looking forward to my baking date last Saturday. My niece, Nicole, was bugging me to bring her to my place. I hesitated, but I just couldn't say no to her.  

I must say we had fun together. I pointed out to her the ingredients and tools we would be using. The 3 year-old girl never ceased to ask questions. I patiently explained to her the steps and let her have some hands-on on dough-making. 

Little piggies getting ready for the tan in the oven.

After 40 minutes of resting the dough, we started to mould the first piggy. First the eye lids, followed by the legs, eyes, ears, nose and its little tail. Nicole clearly couldn't contain her excitement in that petite body of hers following the completion of first piggy. "Look! The piggy is so cute!" she exclaimed.

She peeped at the piggies in the oven and asked "Are they ready?" She's just effortlessly being so adorable. 

That's me and Nicole, being responsible citizens, had our masks on as we made our way to a clinic. We.Must.Get.Well.Before.Hi-5.Concert.

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