Monday, November 4, 2013

Black Sesame Chiffon Cake

It was such a hot, sunny day, but now the skies have darkened to bluish-grey. The chiffon cake cooled when the thunder cracked. Then it rained and the skies disappeared in the darkness. The lightning strikes were continuing to fire up the sky every other minute. More rain and wind slashed at the windows. Lightning flashed bright. And the thunder was so loud. 

Family gathered at the dining table. I carefully unmoulded the cake from the tube pan. Delicious, warm black sesame chiffon cake alongside with hot beverages. Perfect for a thunderstorm afternoon. 

Yet another recipe from my new sweet treats book. The black sesame flavour was just right, with the addition of the black sesame paste. It yielded a moist, tight crumbed texture. I like its grey appearance - the colour of wisdom. 

If I make it again, I'll replace some flour with black sesame powder so that I can maximise the black sesame taste. Strongly recommended for black sesame lovers. 

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